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The Tie That Binds by James Christensen DIPTYCH


Product Overview

Ties that Bind by James Christensen
available in 2 editions of 2 images each.
Limited Edition of: 550 
Each print size: 11"w x 14"h.


Limited Edition of: 250 
Each canvas size: 16"w x 20"h.

The best friendships can and will endure,” explains James Christensen. “My wife has a life-long friend that lives in California. We live in Utah. Their relationship is more like that of sisters, although possibly even stronger. They have been friends for decades. Over that period of time they have had the chance to share all the joys life has presented them. They have also looked to and supported each other through hardship, distance and change. Separately, they have grown but never have they grown apart. The physical distance between them is overcome by an unseen connection. 

“This painting is a diptych, each panel its own character. Unlike my diptych Sisters, both of these women are equals in their relationship as indicated by the similar style of clothing between the two. Both women lightly grasp the tie that binds them together. It is not a difficult thing to manage. Additionally, each has an ample length of cord in reserve, ensuring that no physical distance between them can severe their tie. ”
As with James Christensen’s original diptych, both Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Editions of The Tie That Binds are presented in two panels. One of artist’s ideas in creating the work was that each of the sister panels could reside in a separate residence, serving as a beautiful and thoughtful reminder of the relationship that makes this painting complete.
Both panels of each edition will be signed by Christensen and numbered as a set. Like many other editions in this Catalogue, The Tie That Binds will be available not only as a Fine Art Gicl_e Canvas, but as a Fine Art Paper Print as well.