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Kelly McNeil

Kelly McNeil Wildlife Artist - Brief Bio


Former Brampton Canada's Art Person of the Year.

 Kelly McNeil loves her craft. She lives to paint. Like most wildlife artists she loves the adventure of hunting for that perfect image or idea, inspired by something wild. 

McNeil graduated in 1983 with her “Editorial Illustration Diploma”, and went back to Ontario College of Art and Design University and graduated this year in 2012, with her “Bachelor of Design”. McNeil is an International Artist showing her work from Canada to Tasmania, to the USA. She exhibits in many Wildlife Festivals and has 3 full-time American Galleries as well as her Canadian Galleries. 

As well as her love for painting, McNeil adores her students and embarks on many adventures with them. She has started traveling and teaching, and has a full life as “one of Canada’s top emerging artists”.

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3 of 3 Items