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Pottery - Sculpture

North Carolina pottery by Ben Owen III, Phil Morgan and more.
Sculpture by acclaimed sculptors Edwin White, Mike Roig, Ed Walker and Mark Hopkins.

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  • Chickadee Sculpture

    Bright and Early Chickadee Bronze by Mark Hopkins

    Bright & Early by Mark HopkinsIn-stock and on display at Ashley's Little Birdies Collection 10 x 3.5 x 5 The early rays of sun invite the flower to open her petals and bask in the glow. The bright flower invites a...

  • Cheetah Bronze Sculpture Cheetah Bronze Sculpture by Eli Hopkins

    Cheetah Bronze Sculpture by Eli Hopkins

    Dimensions:8 in x 16 in x 8 inMaterials:BronzeOne Available & On Display This Cheetah Bronze Sculpture by Eli Hopkins impeccably captures the raw power and sheer speed of this magnificent animal. This statue exquisitely pays tribute to the sleek,...

  • Back Country Elk by Danny Edwards

    Back Country – Elk Sculpture BY DANNY EDWARDS

    Back Country – Elk Sculpture BY DANNY EDWARDS Racked and ready to go! Oh, to see and hear these two majestic elk out in the back country. In the meanwhile, they make a great sculpture for your shelf. Open edition. Cold cast and meticulously...

  • Encounter - Bear & Elk sculpture - D Edwards

    The Encounter – Grizzly Bear & Elk Sculpture BY DANNY EDWARDS

    The Encounter – Grizzly Bear & ElkSculpture BY DANNY EDWARDS A true-life story portrayed with incredible drama, its ending yet untold! A marvelous tabletop sculpture from Danny Edwards. Open edition. Cold cast and hand-finished in warm...

  • Patriotic Eagle Sculpture - Slockbower

    Patriot - Bald Eagle Sculpture BY JOE SLOCKBOWER

    Patriot - Bald EagleSculpture BY JOE SLOCKBOWER This spirited bald eagle statue adds a patriotic touch to your Nature-inspired home decor. Open edition. Cold cast and beautifully hand-painted. 6-3/4"L x 7-1/2"H x 4-1/2"D. Sculpture...

  • Bald Eagle Sculpture

    Aerie – Bald Eagle Sculpture bY STEPHEN HERRERO

    Aerie – Bald Eagle Sculpture bY STEPHEN HERRERO With a crook of its neck and ever-watchful eyes, the bald eagle’s true essence is exposed in this masterful tabletop sculpture. Great for gift-giving. Cold cast and skillfully hand-painted...

  • Wolf Sculpture by Stephen Herrero

    Kindred – Wolves Sculpture bY STEPHEN HERRERO

    Kindred – WolvesBY STEPHEN HERREROSculpture ReproductionMade with a very special composite material that includes alabaster. From the solitary soul of an artist comes a stunning sculpture depicting the tight family bonds that wolves form between...

  • Symmetry - Whitetail Deer Sculpture - Herrero

    Symmetry – Whitetail Deer Sculpture BY STEPHEN HERRERO

    Symmetry – Whitetail DeerSculpture BY STEPHEN HERRERO White-tailed deer are the smallest members of the North American deer family. Deer are beautiful and graceful creatures. They are sleek and innocent-faced with big brown eyes, a black...

9 of 9 Items