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  • Egret Painting Matt Constantine SC Artist

    Egrets in Marsh by Matt Constantine

    Egrets in Marsh by South Carolina artist Matt Constantine is available in a giclee canvas limited edition. 24"tall x 18"wide stretched canvas, signed by the artist Matt Constantine.   Matt Constantine is a former winner of the South Carolina...

  • Queen Kingfisher by Luke Buck Framed Kingfisher painting Luke Buck's description

    The Queen Kingfisher by Luke Buck

    The Queen Kingfisher by Luke BuckOriginal Watercolor / Gouache Painting For some reason the kingfisher has always been one of my favorite birds. Maybe it's because when I was akid, back in the 1940's, I seen my first kingfisher at my Grandparents cabin...

  • Clucks Unlimited

    Clucks Unlimited by Will Bullas - Framed

    CLUCKS UNLIMITED by Will BullasLIMITED EDITION PRINT signed by Will BullasLimited Edition of: 850 Image Size: 8 11/16"w x 12"h.Framed size: 18" x 21.5"Published: January 1994

  • flying Egret and Marsh Keathley painting with awesome frame

    Lowland Marsh by Mark Keathley - original painting

    Lowland Marsh by Mark KeathleyAn beautiful original painting of a flying egret and lowland marsh by Mark Keathley   Original painting on 12"x9" board.Framed with very nice hand-finished Italian frame.Framed size: 16"tall x 13"wide

  • Great Egret painting

    Great Egret, Al Dornisch original painting

    Original Oil painting of a Great Egret by Al Dornisch.   Approx. Painting size: 7.5"h x 5 5/8"w   Outside frame size: 12.25"h x 10.25"w   Al Dornisch Biography

  • Egrets of the Sacred Grove by Robert Bateman

    EGRETS OF THE SACRED GROVE Robert Bateman print

    Egrets of the Sacred Grove by Robert BatemanSigned and Numbered print - not framedImage size: 24" x 24"   "India is the only place where nature seems to flourish in spite of densepopulations, even in cities.  I was told of a sacred grove in a...

  • Mother Goose Matthew Hillier British Artist

    Mother Goose by Matthew Hillier print

    Print Size 12 x 7Edition Size: 650 Matthew Hillier's extraordinary wildlife paintings offer the viewer a unique vantage point. His paintings express more than the physical characteristics of a species; they reveal something of its personality. Now...

11 of 11 Items