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  • Great Egret by Luke Buck

    Royal Dignity - Egret by Luke Buck

    Royal Dignity by Luke BuckGreat Egret Sometimes, while glancing over the landscape our line of vision is interrupted by the startling white beauty of the great egret.  It is always a pleasing gift for our eyes. Its dignity equals the royal status...

  • Snowy Egret

    Snowy Egret by Luke Buck

    Snowy Egret by Luke Buck Delicate and perky, with its energetic hunting techniques and constantly showing off with its flowery white plumage, it is on of my favorite birds to paint. Being similar in size and background the same, this "Snowy Egret" with...

  • Little Blue Heron by Luke Buck

    Little Blue Heron by Luke Buck

    Little Blue Heron by Luke Buck Missed and misunderstood. This small heron's title, "little blue heron", is often misunderstood for being a small great blue heron, but is a different bird altogether. And often missed being seen as its rich dark blue...

  • great blue heron by Luke Buck

    Royal Status - Heron by Luke Buck

    Royal Status by Luke BuckGreat Blue Heron Although the great blue heron portrays an attitude that it is the king of all birds and knows it, it is truly a magnificent bird.  In this painting I try to convey the stately pose as the great blue...

  • Egret Painting Matt Constantine SC Artist

    Egrets in Marsh by Matt Constantine

    Egrets in Marsh by South Carolina artist Matt Constantine is available in a giclee canvas limited edition. 24"tall x 18"wide stretched canvas, signed by the artist Matt Constantine.   Matt Constantine is a former winner of the South Carolina...

  • Clucks Unlimited

    Clucks Unlimited by Will Bullas - Framed

    CLUCKS UNLIMITED by Will BullasLIMITED EDITION PRINT signed by Will BullasLimited Edition of: 850 Image Size: 8 11/16"w x 12"h.Framed size: 18" x 21.5"Published: January 1994

  • flying Egret and Marsh Keathley painting with awesome frame

    Lowland Marsh by Mark Keathley - original painting

    Lowland Marsh by Mark KeathleyAn beautiful original painting of a flying egret and lowland marsh by Mark Keathley   Original painting on 12"x9" board.Framed with very nice hand-finished Italian frame.Framed size: 16"tall x 13"wide

  • Great Egret painting

    Great Egret, Al Dornisch original painting

    Original Oil painting of a Great Egret by Al Dornisch.   Approx. Painting size: 7.5"h x 5 5/8"w   Outside frame size: 12.25"h x 10.25"w   Al Dornisch Biography

  • Egrets of the Sacred Grove by Robert Bateman

    EGRETS OF THE SACRED GROVE Robert Bateman print

    Egrets of the Sacred Grove by Robert BatemanSigned and Numbered print - not framedImage size: 24" x 24"   "India is the only place where nature seems to flourish in spite of densepopulations, even in cities.  I was told of a sacred grove in a...

  • Mother Goose Matthew Hillier British Artist

    Mother Goose by Matthew Hillier print

    Print Size 12 x 7Edition Size: 650 Matthew Hillier's extraordinary wildlife paintings offer the viewer a unique vantage point. His paintings express more than the physical characteristics of a species; they reveal something of its personality. Now...

14 of 14 Items