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Morgan Weistling

About Morgan Weistling

Morgan Weistling began his artistic training on his father’s lap at 19 months of age, where he learned how to draw and more importantly, use his imagination. Capitalizing on his father’s talent for telling a story in comic strip form, Morgan began to develop a sense of narrative in his drawing. Working in a Los Angeles art supply store while attending art school, Morgan chanced to show his artwork to a prominent illustrator. As a result of their encounter, at the age of 19, Weistling found himself employed at a top movie poster agency in Hollywood. 

For the next 14 years, Morgan illustrated for every movie studio in Hollywood. His clients included Universal/Amblin Entertainment, Disney, MGM, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Columbia Pictures and TriStar. In addition to movie posters, Weistling created all the cover artwork for the video series, McGee and Me for Focus on the Family and his art can be seen on numerous magazine, book, CD and video covers as well as Sega pinball machines. 

“There is a story underneath the story of my paintings,” Morgan adds, “I don’t hide the process of how I painted it. You can see the layers and count the strokes it took to get there. With some styles of painting, the closer you get to the canvas, the more you will see. With mine, the more you step back, the more detail you will see. 

“My hope is that people will enjoy viewing my artwork as much I enjoyed painting it. For me, art is my language used to communicate to others how I see God’s creation. 

Click here to see a nice video of Morgan Weistling.

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    Lakota Hunters Lakota Hunter banner

    Lakota Hunters by Morgan Weistling

    Stop by Ashley's Art Gallery to view Lakota Hunters, limited edition canvas  by Morgan Weistling     Lakota Hunters by Morgan WeistlingIn a painting as taut with tension as the bowstring drawn in this hunter’s hand,...

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  • The Fishing Hole, Morgan Weistling MASTERWORK CANVAS EDITION

    The Fishing Hole, Morgan Weistling MASTERWORK CANVAS EDITION

    The Fishing Hole, Morgan Weistling MASTERWORK CANVASLimited Edition Canvas Image size: 36"w x 26"h. Edition Size: 15In stock at Ashley's Art GalleryShips rolled. A superb colorist, artist Morgan Weistling brings this scene to life with...

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