Lost and Found by Alford Gockel

Lost and Found
A new series by Alfred Gockel

Due to the pandemic, Alfred ran low on canvases, so he painted over older canvases.
A message from Alfred Gockel:
Hope you are doing well and stay save. In spite of Corona or probably BECAUSE of Corona I have been very busy.
During the lockdown I was running out of canvases and came up with the idea to overpaint old artworks.
A very special kind of painting, destroying something to get something new, but succsess and recognition were overhelming.
I named this project LOST and FOUND.
Use your mouse to scroll the 27 pages of great art.

Click Here for Alfred Gockel art for sale at Ashley's Art Gallery (plus a few newer pieces that we do not have).

Click Here to see Alfred's Lost and Found .PDF brochure on Google Drive (use if you can not see the above embedded brochure on your device).

Click Here to see Alfred Gockel .PDF brochure of Crazy Animals. Humorous Paintings created in the early stages of the 2020 pandemic (hopefully, to help us cope).