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Alfred Gockel original painting | heart | romance | Lobster tail

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Alfred Gockel Original Painting 12" x 12" with colorful heart, wine glasses, lobster tail and romance.

An Alfred Gockel original painting. Alfred Gockel has his own unique style. But he is a very prolific artist, although, he is most known as an acclaimed painter of contemporary Pop art.
Alfred Gockel Original Acrylic Painting 12" x 12" signed by Alfred Gockel. You can hang it as is or custom frame it for a Bigger presentation.

Alfred Gockel is one of the most popular living painters of Europe. Since 1983 until 2006, more than 130,000,000 open editions of his artworks have sold internationally!
This Gockel painting is a Very Special Value!

Alfred Gockel was born in 1952 near Münster, Germany.