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All the World's a Stage, James Christensen Limited Edition Print


All the World's a Stage by James Christensen
Limited Edition Print
Image size: 31 3/4" x 23 5/8"

Kings, queens, knaves and clowns... your favorite Shakespearean
characters come to life!

The Bard and more than 50 of his dramatis personae take a bow in this
remarkable tribute to Shakespeare’s entire canonù38 plays, including the
obscure Two Noble Kinsmen. With the Old Globe Theatre as backdrop, James
assembles an eclectic cast of fictional characters and actors in rehearsal
mingling with a few thespians who never tread the boards (but might have
flittered above them). You’ll find Romeo proffering a rose to Juliet, who
rebuffs the salacious overtures of Henry VIII. Viola of Twelfth Night is in the act of binding her breasts to fill the manly role of Cesario, while beside her other Shakespearean heroines don male apparel to play their virile counterpartsùall the more interesting when you consider that in Shakespeare’s day men played all the female roles. Caesar is a self-portraitùan opportunity for the artist to make a statement about backstabbing (he doesn’t like it!) and revel in applause (notice Titus Andronicus giving him a warm hand). All humor aside . . . James’ prodigious knowledge of Shakespeare manifests in a work offering multiple layers of meaning and countless discoveries. "All the World’s a Stage" was commissioned by the Utah Shakespearean Festivalùwinner of this year’s Tony Award for Outstanding Regional Theatreùin celebration of its 40th anniversary.

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