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Altar of the Forest by Phil Philbeck - Framed

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Altar of the Forest - Framed
A North Carolina scene by Phil Philbeck
SN Limited Edition Giclee Canvas
Size: 24" x 36"
Approx. framed size: 30"wide x 42"tall.
(a very nice burl frame).

What could possibly be more serene and peaceful than this Philbeck painting? A tiny fawn, dwarfed by the towering trees above him, pauses near a still pool in the forest. A patch of sunlight illuminates him for just a few seconds, and you, the viewer, are there to enjoy it. The only sounds are the cascading water and a bird call from somewhere close by. There is nowhere you'd rather be than right here at the Altar in the Forest

About North Carolina artist Phil Philbeck

North Carolina is the home of renowned landscape painter Phillip Philbeck.His subjects, mountains, rolling piedmont, and coastal views, hold great appeal with magnificent vistas, wide sandy shores, wonderful spring and fall foliage. Born in Washington, D.C., but a resident since very early childhood and presently living in rural Rutherford County, the artist enjoys the surroundings in which he grew up and is inspired to paint its farms, streams, ponds, coast or anything to which he feels an emotional attachment.Painting from his comfortable studio in his home, the artist only has to venture outside to find inspiration for his next landscape.

Philbeck’s canvases reveal his immense talent in a profusion of details, and he is especially known for the skies in his images."The sky sets the basic tone for my landscapes,” states the artist.Textures, shapes, and contrasts derived from many of nature’s wonders are painted in vibrant colors; with interesting juxtaposition, the artist bathes his scenes in a dramatic light and atmosphere.Although Philbeck very much admires realism, he has a tendency toward the romantic, emotional types of images such as the Hudson River School brought forth.

We normally do not ship framed art this size.