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Bear Valley by Mark Keathley


Bear Valley by Mark Keathley - Framed
Canvas size: 20" x 24".
Approx. Framed size: 31" x 35".
A larger 30" x 24" canvas maybe still available.

Beckoned by the thunder of the falls in the distance, you wind down the path and arrive at an overlook to find you are not the only one who wants to get a view.

With the first inhabitants of our land, Yona Ugadaleyv (Cherokee for Bear Valley) may have been what this place was called, as black bears have always filled the mountains. Surrounded by beauty and adventure, both early man and we today can enjoy a sense of timelessness and connectedness to all who have pondered the power and beauty of Black Water Falls in West Virginia. For centuries, this spot has been a place of solitude and reflection - "Why am I here?" "Where did I come from?" are but a few of the many questions man has pondered in these remote places of beauty. I hope that Bear Valley becomes such a spot for you, hanging in your home where you can take a quiet moment and admire the handiwork of our Creator. So put the camera away and just soak it in. Let yourself just "be" in the moment here in Bear Valley. ~ Mark Keathley