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CARDINAL AND SNOWBERRIES Robert Bateman print framed

$339. framed

limited edition print, framed, on display at Ashley's as of Nov. 2020
Signed by Robert Bateman, the most renowned nature artist painting today!
Framed size: 14"w x 16"h

" The sweet whistle of the cardinal is one of the things I miss since I moved from
Ontario to our perch here on the Pacific Ocean. And of course the brilliant,
vermilion flash is not part of our garden landscape out west. This southern bird,
with its hot, almost tropical, plumage, moved north during nmy boyhood in
Toronto. Since migration was not part of its instinct, the cardinal stayed put
during winter in Sothern Canada. For some reason, I always associate this
bird with winter. Perhaps that is because we kept a feeder near the house 
and the birds were obvious against a snowy backdrop.

This painting does not have a snowy setting but that season is reflected
in the snowberries. These little beacons of white stay on their bushes
througout the winter, both here in the west and in the habitat of the cardinal."
Robert Bateman