Cheetah Bronze Sculpture by Eli Hopkins

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Dimensions:8 in x 16 in x 8 in
One Available & On Display

This Cheetah Bronze Sculpture by Eli Hopkins impeccably captures the raw power and sheer speed of this magnificent animal. This statue exquisitely pays tribute to the sleek, graceful movement of this wild cat. Proudly display this statue in your home to show your love for the marvelous cheetah. This is limited to an edition of only 100 pieces and is made in the USA. The original piece was sculpted partially during an event for Cheetah rescue.

Internationally renowned American artist Mark Hopkins creates bronze sculptures that have thrilled collectors and casual art fans alike for more than two decades. Mark Hopkins' unique balance of organic inspiration and singular contemporary design has been called "bronze in motion" for its fluid look, which often appears to display natural beauty in defiance of gravity.
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