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Little Bird Cheyenne Chief | Daniel Long Soldier painting framed

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Little Bird Cheyenne Chief
Original painting by Daniel Long Soldier
Painted on 100 year old ledger paper in 2017 by Native American artist Daniel Long Soldier.

This is as an authentic piece of fine art and Plain’s history as any collector of the Native American experience could hope to own. The exploits of the Oglala Sioux are family history to Daniel Long Soldier.

Little Bird wore long war bonnet into 
the battle of Little Big Horn, was shot in the thigh after counting coup on a soldier.

Painted on 11.5" x 14" 19th century Ledger paper in 2017.
Approx. framed size: 27" x 20"
Framed with Museum Glass.
Medium:Mixed Media, Gouache, Pen and Ink