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Shawnee Horse by JD Challenger

Was: $30,000.00
Now: $24,900.00
$300.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Shawnee Horse by JD Challenger
In-stock as of 1/19/2024

40" x 40" acrylic original painting
gallery wrapped.
This painting was for sale in a prestigious Santa Fe gallery for $30,000.

To all of Jd's Collectors, Friends & Fans —
We that have known and loved Jd Challenger have chosen not to be saddened by his passing but celebrate a life well lived and a talent and message well used. We honor and celebrate the art and soul of the man and the artist, Jd Challenger.

Reflections of Jd Challenger, Artist
"The paintings that Mr. Challenger creates puts the viewer in front of a human being with two arms, two legs, and a heart just like yours. And he's asking the world to look - to look at my people, to look at me. This is who I am, this is what I am."
— Ronnie Jimmie, Seminole

"Scholars of American history are now contemplating the ways in which Indian culture has influenced the development of a national character that is uniquely American. Jd's work captures that connection. His uncanny mixture of symbols from two worlds presses the viewer to look for the messages that might be found there. It's as though he is saying, 'I don't necessarily want you to think what I think. I just want you think' ".
— Flint Carney, Comanche Nation of Oklahoma