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Sovereign Gold by Carl Brenders Giclee Canvas - Framed


Sovereign Gold by Carl Brenders Giclée Canvas
Not a photo,
published from the Golden Eagle painting by Carl Brenders.

Many art industry experts believe that Carl Brenders
is the top artist at painting accurate high-res images of wildlife.
"One of the most exciting things in nature is to make eye contact with a predator. In normal circumstances, this close contact is impossible, but most wildlife artist have easy access to the world of falconry and are privileged to get very close to the birds. It is the perfect way to study these magnificent creatures, and it really stimulates one to paint close-up like this...As a texture painter, it allows me to paint real feathers and not to forget the beak and - the eyes!

"The eyes are the most important element of this painting. The eagle's eye must be one of the most remarkable things in creation. Very few animals have the same capacity of seeing. Their eyesight is two-and-a-half times keener than our own. This enables them to spot prey from miles away. With their regal bearing and intense gaze, the golden eagle is among the most fascinating of all raptors." - Carl Brenders.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Giclée Canvas 
21" h x 33"w
Approx. Framed Size: 27"h x 39"w

95 signed and numbered