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Spanish Pig, by Robert Bateman original lithograph

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Spanish Pig, by Robert Bateman
Signed in the margin by Robert Bateman

Image size: 16"w x 6"h.
Edition Size:150

Produced in 1995 from drawings executed by Robert Bateman on translucent polyester drawing films which were used to creat drawing plates. 
The drafting plates from which the edition was created have been destroyed.

The Spanish Pig original lithogrph is in stock at Ashley's Art Gallery.

"This is a domestic pig", says Bateman. "But one can not say this is just a domestic pig. The state of domestic animal heritage is just as precarious as the state of wild animal heritage, and it is precarious for the same reason - the 20th century trend towards industrailization."

Robert Bateman continues, "I saw this contemporary individual in Extremadura - an ancient, cultural landscape in Spain.

Because modern agriculture has hardly touched this area, wildlife is in abundance. Unlike our hideous industrial hog production, the pigs in this area have a life. This fellow has the freedom to wander along a clear stream and lie dow in a bed of wildflowers."