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The Bride by James C. Christensen


Master storyteller James C. Christensen’s "The Bride" is a beautifully detailed homage to the traditions and folklore of the wedding day. The stage for this joyous vision in a pastel palate is set in a Christensen fantasy world, as we join a maiden and her unusual wedding party sailing into destiny. Richly layered nuptial symbolism awaits your discovery: something old (the ruins in the background), something new (the egg on the pillow), something borrowed (a tan girl from Baroque artist Diego Velázquez), something blue (the flowing ribbon in the bride’s hair, a symbol of purity from ancient Israel. That’s only the beginning! Much like the art of marriage itself, Christensen’s "The Bride" promises years of unfolding pleasures.

Image size:
23"w x 18"h.
Edition Size:175

Sold out at Publisher, available at Ashley's as of Dec. 28, 2013.