THE CHRISTMAS GIFT - John Paul Strain - Studio Framed

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THE CHRISTMAS GIFT - John Paul Strain - Studio Canvas
with an awesome frame.

Men of the Stonewall Brigade

Frederick County Courthouse - Winchester, Virginia
Winter of 1862

Approx. Framed Size: 23.5"h x 28.75"w

Framed with Deluxe Black Rustic Frame

75 S/N Studio Canvas Giclées - 1 available framed
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Image Size 18 1/2" x 23 3/4"Time was short as final preparations were underway for General Thomas J. Jackson's famous Stonewall Brigade. Jackson had received orders from General Robert E. Lee to move his corps east from the Shenandoah towards the Rappahannock River. The Federal army under the command of General Burnside was gathering in great numbers across the Rappahannock River at Fredericksburg in an attempt to sweep around Lee's eastern flank and attack Richmond.

Jackson's corps numbered over 38,000 soldiers, the largest command he had ever had. Among these troops were his old reliable, tried and true, Stonewall Brigade, also referred to informally as "Virginia's First Brigade". Organized and trained personally by Jackson at Harper's Ferry in April 1861, the brigade would distinguish itself at the Battle of Manassas, and become one of the most famous combat units in the war.

Snow lay on the ground in Winchester at the Frederick County Courthouse as new volunteers were organized and drilled for their march to meet the enemy. A young soldier was given a Christmas gift made by his sweetheart. Like so many couples, they did not know what the future held.

A Winchester resident watching the men pass through the town remarked how poor looking the soldiers were. "They were very destitute, many without shoes, and all without overcoats or gloves, although the weather was freezing. Their poor hands looked so red and cold holding their muskets in the biting wind....They did not, however look dejected, but went their way right joyfully."