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The Oldie by Luke Buck - original painting

$55.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

"The Oldie" by Luke Buck

Original, 8" X10", Watercolor/Gouache Painting, by Luke Buck
When we first moved to our new home on the lake, back in 1978, I noticed this old wheel barrel sitting in my
neighbors yard. It appeared to haven been parked there for some time, but actually it was being used every weekend when chores called it to duty. I wanted to paint it from day one but never got the right opportunity, so I took a photo of it to keep in my painting reference file. I had forgotten all about it as my neighbor moved away long ago, but last week, I came across the old photo. Ah-ha! Out with my brushes, It was as fun to paint as I thought it may be. I'm sure it has been replaced with a new wheel barrel long ago, so I'm glad I got to preserve this oldie in a painting.

Framed size: 20.3/4" tall x 18 7/8" wide
A nostalgic painting of an old wheel barrel.