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The Promise of Peace and Tranquility - Father Christmas During the Civil War, Dean Morrissey

$89.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Patriotic Santa by Dean Morrissey - Framed
The Promise of Peace and Tranquility - Father Christmas During the Civil War

Image size: 21"w x 28"h.
Limited Edition of: 100
$495. unframed if available

Add a little patriotic spirit to your Christmas celebration this year with Dean Morrissey’s "The Promise of Peace and Tranquility." After all, the holidays are the time when we focus on all we share and the blessings we have in common in this great country.
During the Civil War, artist Thomas Nast created a Yuletide first: a gift bearing Father Christmas visiting front-line troops, handing gifts out to soldiers and children. Nearly all the elements he included in that 1862 drawing of Santa continue to this day: his sleigh pulled by reindeer, a long white beard, a furry hat, collar and belt. Truly, the iconic American Santa. Thomas Nast's 1862 vision of a star-spangled Father Christmas embodied the spirit of a unified and prosperous nation in the face of the divisive Civil War.

What Dean Morrissey has so remarkably brought to full-color life is just how striking that star-spangled was and how timely the thought of a unified country can be. What could be better in the coming Christmas season than knowing Santa’s pulling for the red, white and blue, too?

This is the first in a series of paintings Morrissey will be doing on the history of Father Christmas and certainly a definitive holiday statement if there ever was one. Dean Morrissey's magical work shows that the spirit of Christmas and country never go out of style. Order your canvas or paper fine art edition today and enjoy the "The Promise of Peace and Tranquility¯Father Christmas During the Civil War" for years to come.

 About Dean Morrissey 

Dean Morrissey has been drawing and creating characters since his childhood in Boston. Inspired by Disney matte paintings and comic book heroes early on, he grew to appreciate the works of the masters, such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Pyle and N.C. Wyeth. Morrissey worked a variety of job until deciding to paint full time in the late 1970s. He worked as a freelance book cover illustrator for over 15 different publishers in New York and won numerous awards. Morrissey is self taught, and considers the demands of cover illustration to have been his “art school”. In 1991, Morrissey began to paint some images from a story that he was creating. His books include Ship of Dreams Harry N Abrams (1994), The Great Kettles: A Tale of Time Harry N Abrams (1997), The Song of CelestineLittle, Brown and Co. (1998), The Christmas Ship HarperCollins (2000), A Christmas CarolGreenwich Workshop Press (2000), The Moon Robber HarperCollins (2001), The Winter King HarperCollins (2002), and The Monster Trap HarperCollins (2004). His awards include The Society of Illustrators Gold Medal for The Great Kettles, The Chesley Award for The Light Ship (2002), and he is a current nominee for this year’s Chesley Award for Anna of the Celts (2003). Morrissey lives with his wife Shan and his son on the South Shore of Massachusetts.