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Bears that Move of the Wind by Bearcloud giclee canvas framed

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Product Overview

Giclee canvas limited edition signed and the mat and frame are hand-painted by Bearcloud.

Canvas size: 16" h x 12 1/4"w
Outside frame deminsions: 30" h x 26 3/4"w


Rod Bearcloud Berry Limited Edition Canvas Gliclee with deluxe painted mat and frame.
Bearcloud extends the art with spectacular Hand-painted mat and frame.
Rod Bearcloud Berry paintings are filled with amazing symblism that reflect his feelings, dreams and visions.
Please stop by Ashley's Art Gallery to get the full impact of these paintings.
This work of art comes with a three page story that helps the viewer interpet the painting in their own way.
Below is a summary written by Rod Bearcloud Berry.

Chek out this neat video of the artist Bearcloud!

Bearcloud on Visit Sedona TV on 02-06-09 from Allen Elfman on Myspace.