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Heavenly Hands by Greg Olsen

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Angel with child painting by Greg Olsen.
Limited edition print is sold out at publisher by available at Ashley's Art Gallery. 
This print is in Mint condition and in the original packaging.
Only 1 print available.

Signedd by the Artist
Paper Lithograph
Limited Edition of 650 S/N
18" x 16"


Afraid and wandering, we lost our way.
With no aid in sight, we began to pray:

“Please keep us safe in such hostile lands,”
Then came the warm touch of Heavenly Hands.

Perhaps one on our shoulder when we felt alone,
While another pointed the way which then led us home.

The help came unseen like the wind as it blew,
But we all felt it upon us, and that’s how we knew;

That angels still watch and sometimes send us a “rose” –
A gift to remind us that Heaven still knows

All that we go through and all that we need.
Surely Heaven is with us, if we’ll only give heed.