Serenity Rising by Ford Smith Framed

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Serenity Rising by Ford Smith Framed

24x48 Embellished Canvas Limited Edition
Framed and ready to hang with customer pickup.
Approx. Framed Size 29" x 53"

This painting blissfully exhibits the recognizable spirit of a Ford Smith painting with classic trees, light and compositional precision. But in this painting, he juxtaposes vibrant warm reds with the languid coolness of extraordinary blues and greens. The still waters melt into the illuminated sky as it mimics the restorative liquidity of the atmosphere with stunning technique (zoom in to fully appreciate). We were once told by a collector, "Ford's paintings look the way I want to feel... vibrant but grounded" and "Serenity Rising" seems to be a perfect expression of this sentiment.

Note: Ships rolled, or customers can pickup artwork stretched & framed ready to hang.