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The Mighty Oak Comfort by Luke Buck - original painting


"The Comfort Tree" by Luke Buck
20"x30" original watercolor gouache painting

Approx. Framed size: 33" tall x 43" wide
"Early Spring is Coleen's favorite time of year. The Winter is finally over and warm light breezes bring in all the buds and fresh new life. It is the perfect time of year  to prowl the area around our home in southern central looking for new scenes to paint. IndianaAlong Flat Rock River, was a scene I found interesting because the cattle gathered around a large oak tree in the middle of a pasture even though there were no leaves to protect them from the sun. I suppose it must have been the the new moist grasses and the strength of the mighty oak that gave the sense of security and comfort to them. Whatever the reason, the scene inspired me to try to capture it." Luke Buck

A nostalgic painting of cows resting in the pasture under a large oak tree.