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Daddy's Little Girl, Greg Olsen canvas limited edition

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DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL in her Mother's wedding dress.
Canvas Limited Edition published from Greg Olsen's original painting.

It doesn’t seem so long ago that her mother placed her in my arms,
Back then, I held her close to me, to keep her safe from harm.

We chose a name to give her and looked forward to the day,
When she would speak her first words; maybe “Daddy” is what she’d say.

It was just a minor disappointment that caused my brow to furrow,
When she made the sound of “ma ma,” even though she’s Daddy’s little girl.

Now I look and see she’s growing up; the years fly by like days,
I’d love so much to keep her young and watch the way she plays.

She dresses up and acts the part of a bride on her wedding day,
And my eyes grow moist when I realize that someday she’ll go away.

It doesn’t seem too far off when another will take her from my arm,
Giving her a different name, and so I ask, “Please keep her safe from harm.”

Someday she’ll be a woman, with her own future to unfurl,
But in my heart, I’ll hold her close; forever Daddy’s little girl.

Artist: Greg Olsen
Title: Daddy's Little Girl
Canvas Size: 11" x 14"
Edition:Artist Hand Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Canvas to 350
Medium: Fine Art Canvas